Dorothee Xing is an articulate and creative individual with a bit of quirkiness.

My professional life began while I was finishing third year of university, in the high-pressure fast paced legal world, a world that’s less glamorous than portrayed in some of the popular legal dramas. Following my ambition and aided by a finance background, I entered the private equity and venture capital realm, and am now working at a family office that focuses on establishing partnerships with community enriching and socially responsible businesses. Entrusted by the good people I work with, I also manage the business websites – fulmerandco.com as well as afterglowskincare.ca.

When asked about my dream job, I’d always tell you, in a different timeline, I’d want to become a front-line reporter, something I wished for since a little girl. This probably explains my undying ardor for wanting to write unique stories about the businesses that are quietly making a difference and the humble people I encounter.

Moving away from China after graduating high school, I turned down the opportunity to study at Beijing University and decided to establish my future in Western Canada, doing what I love most – exploring the uncharted, embracing cultural differences, and celebrating life.

I have been privileged to serve many nonprofit organizations, including the Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art, Vancouver Public Library Foundation and United Way Lower Mainland. Currently, I am a Board Director of the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra and Co-Chair of the United Way GenNext Cabinet.

I’m also madly in love with Claude Monet and the 19th-century Impressionism. If you can’t find me hosting a fundraising event, or getting challenged at my weekly Lagree class, you definitely will be able to spot me out at a local gallery.