A Weekend in Whistler

My company hosted a retreat, about a month ago. There were 48 of us.

You’re probably going to criticize and call us insane, or irresponsible.

On the contrary, we couldn’t be more diligent and responsible. Because reputation aside, people’s health and safety was on the line.

The fun stuff

The group of us had a jam packed schedule for the three days. Two inspirational speakers, Rolling Thunder bobsled experience, live music performances, and a monitored panel discussion with renowned industry leaders.

Each venue was carefully selected, sanitized, with everything spaced out. Onsite staff wore masks throughout the entire programs. In addition to the waivers, guests were given different colored wristbands to indicate social preference. No one felt the slightest uncomfortableness.


Why did we go out of our ways to plan and execute this “impossible” retreat?

We all had an emotionally drained, physically frustrated seven long and boring months. March and April were incredibly difficult. The skies were grey, the air was musky, and birds stopped singing. I felt like I was dying inside.

So we started drinking at 9am on a non-work day. we decided pants were optional for a business zoom meeting. Hair salons and gyms were closed, which was the perfect excuse for 80’s rock n’ roll hair comeback and stretchy sweatpants that we used to wear to turkey dinners only.

Being stranded in our confined space, we fought with our partners, children, and parents constantly. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I was desperate for some human contact, outside of my apartment.

Could you think of anything that’s better than going to this government approved personal growth focused retreat with some of the finest business professionals? Some of the conversations I had over the weekend were the best I had in a long time. I made new friends, connected with a new mentor, and gained more clarity on the career path I chose. It was a profound experience!