The epiphany moment

January 2020, I took my husband to La La Land, where dreams become true, for his early birthday celebration. The funny thing is, although he grew up on the West Coast, my husband hadn’t visited Los Angeles since he was 12.

We rented a convertible Mustang off Turo and drove around town for three days. Our Airbnb was in a quiet neighbourhood of Culver City, close enough to Venice Beach and Santa Monica. In those three days, we dined at Manhattan Beach’s best restaurant Love & Salt, drove through the famous Malibu canyons (he made a quick stop at Malibu Cars and Coffee, and of course, no one was there), visited Petersen Automotive Museum and the Batmobile, danced around light poles at the Public Art Installation “Urban Light“, waited in an unbelievably long line for The Broad to let us in, climbed up Griffith Observatory to see sunset, watched our first stand up the Comedy Store, and walked miles in the city. It was such a memorable trip, but not because it was the last out-of-country vacation we took before the pandemic.

When I learnt about the tragic deaths of Kobe Bryant and his daughter on a screen in the Original Farmers Market square, I paused and looked to my husband, realizing that he’s all I’ve got in this new world, a world away from my parents, my childhood memories, and my safety net. Why did I choose to leave the first 20 years of life behind and move to North America? The easy answer would be to live more freely which is partially true.

We sat down at the Platform, sipping coffee and watching a cashier lashing out at a customer who accidentally spilled candle wax on the floor. Life is chaotic.

I wanted to believe we are brought to this world with purposes. And mine, as cliché as it sounds, is to make a difference. Each of us may seem ordinary, we all have our special power – having an eye for beautiful things, exhibiting great talent in cake baking, writing hilarious one-liner jokes, or simply just being kind. I happen to think mine is recognizing the uniqueness in people and helping them tell their stories. But I hardly told anyone about my own stories. Time is slipping away. Anything could happen in the next second, to any of us. I must do something!

Fast forward to today, proudly I share with you my first blog of the many dreams I am dreaming and the many stories I will be telling. The unforeseeable fate “leads the willing and drags along the reluctant”. I am done being dragged along. Let’s fight with all our strength so the sun doesn’t set on our dreams.

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